Friday, October 21, 2011

Silent lucidity

I’m sitting in my cubicle reading a list of craps economic reports, and I gotta tell you how much I hate this thing. I’ve an appointment at 11 o'clock and my day’s already a bore, because I consider these meetings the galactic waste of time .

Although I’m surrounded by good people, I am killing myself staying here.
I am needing to quit, but first I need a better job. For the moment, I believe that it’s very important to take back my life. To try to escape my hated 8-5 life.

I learned from the best because the envioronment encouraged it, but I was using 50% of my potential, maximum. I start to feel trapped and old before my time. Being stuck in the hierarchy is brutal. Or simply lame. Or both.
Right now I should work but instead I just sit here and surf the Internet, pretending that I’m working.

My second (unfinished) Master’s degrees have led me to finally know what I don't want.
Ironic, isn't it? So, I applied to a third program. This one is aligned with my passion, but ...

I haven't followed my passions and they continue to collect dust. I want to do something else, but I have other priorities now. I know that my family should not be excuses not to leave, in fact they should be my inspiration. But how can be posible after so many years?
My best girlfriend did it. I’m still stuck here.

Thanks God for the good music.
It’s my personal heaven in a crowded place.



Ronnie Mindernew said...

Lennox single starting to kick serious ass. Are you ready to fly? :)

Dani said...

Tell me where do we draw the line.

Adam J Stone said...

You don't like feeling that way? So change it. Life isn't meant to be easy, so get used to it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have so many things. What do you have to feel down about?
In fact, what you need is a good kick up the backside.