Monday, October 24, 2011

Big announcement: finally I have all the points

and I can get that marvelous set of Chines plates!
(I'm just teasing you, Adam! Stop being so sensitive :P! )

Yesterday I received an invitation to participate at the TLC(onference), so I’ll be there in Sibiu next weekend. It’s also the first annual event to celebrate their new top ten team-managers, and seems that I’m one of them. Oficially. (big big big grin)

This year I’ve attended a lot more conferences than normal, but I was going to them for totally different reasons.
I come to the financial industry as an outsider. Not just an outsider, but like a person who hasn’t gone through any of the traditional gatekeepers which let people in or out.

Ps: I just realize that the firm wasn’t wasting their money on me and I wasn’t wasting my time on them. And just in case i'll forgote to announce you, I’m thrilled to be a part of this program.


Adam J. Stone said...

Hello. This is Devo.
Well, actually no, this is Adam, but Adam doesn't rhym with "Hello".
Anyway, have a good winter, and stay away from won't see a vampire reflection, but maybe an O-Zone reflection.
Dani,how are you doing? I have looked for you on Yahoo!, but to no avail.I have mixed feelings about this.

Dani said...

Talk to y'all soon! I miss how we used to talk about everything!