Monday, September 19, 2011

A few

random facts about you.

(leapsa primita de la bunul Rao Dao Zao)

1. I love to write, watch movies, listen to music, and I like to drive my car (even if I suck at it)!
2. I'm more of a book reader than a TV watcher.
3. I like expensive perfumes and fruity scented candles.
4. I love horses. I mean, they’re my most favorite animals in the whole world.
5. I try to not give much importance to objects, because I don’t want to let them rule me, rather than I rule them.
6. I’m afraid of being trapped in a place with no exits .
7. I hate when people lie to me and think I don’t know, when I actually do.
8. A few time ago I determined where my desire for perfection comes from. It was the fear of being criticized, first by my mom, then by people in general. Under this circumstances I learned to associate making mistakes with being judged, rejected, or ridiculed.
9. I always believed in God and Jessus Christ. (Note to Adam: my dear friend, they’re there, even if you refuse to see them).
10. I absolutely loved my dad. He has been in my life since I was almost 30. He was my role model, an amazing person and I think I`m the luckiest person alive because I had him.
11. I wear as much black as I can. I have a strange belief that makes me look slimmer (even my objective beautiful sister said me once that’s only in my imagination)
12. Ten in my top ten hilarious quotes is this:”The man who can't dance, can't converse, and can't provide psychological support to a woman is only half a man; the other half can't cook, can't clean, and badly wants a drink”. Sure it's offensive, but ...who cares?

13. I absolutely hate the violence.
14. My favorite band is Queen. Still, my favorite singer is Freddie.
15. Although we are poles apart, A.J.Stone. is still my best friend.
16. I love Bucovina. Because the landscapes are amazing, people are there extremely nice and everything is very peaceful. My secret dream is to move there.
17. I laugh a lot, at stupid things and stupid people. But comedy movies bore me. Like hell.
18. I have a sarcastic sense of humor most times and I have my bitchy moments...don't we all? But in those moments you shouldn’t be around me.
19. My girlfriend Cris said once „I don’t gain weight even if I eat tons of food everyday”. Yes, sugar, I have a confession to make… that was the moment when we all hated you.:P
20. The more people persuade me to do something, the more I will not do it. If you think you’re stubborn, think again. I can be ten times more stubborn than you are.
21. I think that Facebook sucks. Big time.
22. Sometimes I`m in love with red greek wine, and I think grapes with salted cheese are pure delight.
23. Music is like a drug to me.
24. I’m not addicted to people.
25. I love old buildings.

26. I’m not planning to get to a round number, so I’ll just stop here.

Now Scoochy, take it or leave it.:P

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