Friday, March 23, 2012

How to get what you want from a bureaucrat

Motto: Manipulation is an art.
Scientists have discovered that the brain can reorganize itself when confronted with new challenges.

First of all, complete the forms necessary in blue ink. And write legibly.
Don't forget to smile and play dumb. Or try to appear casual and relaxed. Or both.
Study the people you need to approach. Look for a human being and choose the most approachable person available to help you. Explain what you want and how you'd like to get it.
Be nice, and stay calm. Try to be reasonable and succinct. And wait for an answer.
When you get no for an answer, use eye contact to show that you are not afraid, and simply ask again, in other words.
Be calm. Keep smiling.
You'll be surprised how many things that are at first utterly impossible can be done when you ask twice .
If you've tried to be nice and that hasn't worked, you can try the tough approach.
Ask for the bureaucrats name and job title,write it down in front of the bureaucrat, and then ask for their supervisors name.
Starting by now, you shouldn’t treat them with courtesy and respect. Acknowledge verbally that you have is power in those situations.
Keep your hands under control. Most importantly, keep them away from their faces.
Remember your objective is to get what you want, not to win a power struggle.

to be continued...

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